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On-call Onboarding: The Ugly

On-call Onboarding: The Ugly
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ah, the final installment of on-call onboarding has arrived. previously I covered the good (pt1) and the bad (pt2) here's a brief sample of the ugly I've seen myself or heard anecdatally from folks

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Finding out you're on-call (and what on-call is) by getting surprise paged into an active incident by your boss

  • No runbooks || all runbooks are dead links
  • No training or pairing with the observability tool(s)
  • Owning way too many services || no ownership
  • Inheriting services without a handover or documentation
  • That orphaned service that no one really owns (aka by default ops will have to maintain it)
  • Getting back to back to back paged while at a symphony and not being able to quiet my phone because I gave PD an override for silent mode and also was trying to not fall in my fancy dress as I stepped over tons of people as I dashed out #HugOpsToMe
  • implicit 24/7 perma on-call

Pls share your tales of woe with me over on twitter or mastodon


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