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Cute Tech Stocking Stuffers*

Cute Tech Stocking Stuffers*
5 black and white gingham stockings hung on a clothes line in front of a small "tree" made entirely from branches and sticks

*some of these items won't fit in a stocking 🤷

There is no shortage of techie gift guides out there but most are aimed at the "stereotypical" developer with very little appealing to my interests and tastes..so I made my own!

There's no affiliate links or any sort of kickbacks or tracking here, just a list of cute stuff I'd love to find in my holiday stocking.

Access Denied - MoonCat Nail Polish

do you also love the default terminal green and black theme? why not bring it to your nails?? bonus points for a 10-free, vegan AND cruelty free formulation

💚 💅 🖤

close up of a hand adorned with gold rings, the person has long square nails and the light is reflecting off the dark green shimmers in the polish

Pixel Shibas Deskmat - Mintlodica

You may know Mintlodica for their adorable keycap sets but did you know they also make adorable deskmats?? Mine has saved my desk from some nasty calligraphy and cappuccino spills. Worth every penny!

Deskmat featuring pixel art of a teal twilight sky with twinkling stars, a tree, green bushes, and two Shiba Inus - Mango Roll and Grass Jelly

Shell Pin - Shop Bubble Sort

That teal glitter! That scalloped shell edge! That gold plating! Perfect little pin for the developer in your life who loves a good shell script.

close up of a shell shaped pin outlined in gold "#!/bin/sh" filled in with a teal glittery background. pin is resting on a keyboard with cute mint and pink colored keycaps

Selfcare.exe - MakerQueenAU Etsy

Holographic nostalgic sticker that would look great anywhere! The shop also has the cutestttttt strawberry emblazoned ruler made from a PCB.

Close up of the sticker featuring a holographic pink floppy disk titled selfcare.exe in front of a sprawling illustrated garden with flowers and thick leaves.

Bite Size Networking - Julia Evans Zine Store

For the developer in your life who always blames the network 🤣 however you can't go wrong with any of Julia's zines (truly)

Cover for Bite Size Networking!
Cover page of Bite Sized Networking by Julia Evans featuring food icons labelled as networking tools. A pint of ice cream for dig, faux-KitKat bar for netcat, sliced pizza pie for nmap, pretzel/cheese dip for tcpdump, faux-Goldfish crackers for tshark, croissant with jam for curl, some fried appetizer spheres for ping, open fortune cookie for openssl, stack of Belgian waffles with flowing syrup for iptables

(Teeny) Tiny Transparent Arcade - Tiny Circuits

CAN YOU EVEN?? The smallest arcade I've ever seen. It is so cute. It is so small. Tiny Arcade has several games you probably know and love like TinySNAKE, Tiny Invaders, Flappy Birdz, TinySweeper, new ones like Pocket Orchestra, and whatever your giftee can dream and code up!

Tiny Arcade Clear DIY Kit 1
Small arcade made of thick clear plastic featuring two small buttons and a joystick. The tiny display shows a space invader game. The entire contraption is held between someone's thumb and index finger.

FAKE PRODUCT Box Pet VR - Pranko

A fun lil prank for the gadget-lover who can lose a whole afternoon to perusing the Sharper Image catalog. How long do you think you'd be able to convince a friend this is real product?

Pink box from fake company Mega 360 for Pet VR Headsests. Theres pictures of a cat and a dog both wearing VR headsets and opening their mouths in amazement. The box also advertises 40 Videos for Many Pets like - clean litter box, yarn ball, mouse chase.

Beanie - 404 Media

404 Media has been churning out solid content and you can support them with a subscription OR this simple beanie which matches almost everything.

404 Media Logo Beanie
Man at the beach feeding a dog a treat. He is wearing a black beanie with the 404 Media logo which is a pixelated square with X's for eyes and an emoticon smile.


Here's Norm from a few years ago eagerly awaiting the tree to be trimmed so he can have his own holiday fun ❤️ 🐈‍⬛ ❤️

Norman, a sleek black short hair cat, sits tail impatiently swishing. He is in front of a bare Douglas Fir tree next to an open bin of Christmas lights and red baubles.