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On Ambitchon 💋 👸

answers to the proverbial "what do you want to be when you grow up"
On Ambitchon 💋 👸

ever since i was a kiddo i’ve thought about what I wanted to do for Work. it didn’t take long to age out of my initial dreams into more lucrative or “impressive” paths and then settle into wanting to be a true Owner owning the means, the product, the content, etc…

my favorites diary catalogues this journey →

age 7:  Chief of the Supreme Court Justice

  • aiming big!!!

age 12: Actress

  • oh dear god I pursued this for several years despite not being talented

age 13: Magazine Editor

  • tbh still would love this, and probs why I’m drawn to having a small niche press for quarterlies and zines and booklets. already know I want to call it “valley ghoul press”

age 14:  prosecuting attorney

  • ahhh my legal phase lasted awhile and I’m sure I picked up this specific title somewhere on TV or in the media

age 15: neuroradiologist

  • see what I was talking about?! I enter high school and boom its random ass fancy niche medical careers for me please and thanks

age ?: international business lawyer

  • to this DAY I do not know what tf an international business lawyer is, I definitely made up that title. and no I didn’t mean like for human rights like Amal Clooney I def meant for Corporations with a captial C

age 16: bio medicine/microbiology/neuroradiologist

  • ha ha ha ha ha dear god if I only knew how much memorizing there is in the medical field I would’ve put this one to bed earlier
  • what is bio-medicine? isn’t biology a part of medicine and vice-versa?

age 17: neuroradiologist

  • still riding that neuroradiologist train 🚂🚄🚞🚅🚝🚈 (← side note sooo many transpo nerds on the emoji board it seems)
  • i definitely was telling people i wanted to be a journalist/writer but apparently was too good for that for my Faves Diary…

age 18: product designer

  • tech friends NO not tech product design like actual honest-to-god industrial design. It was the one spark I felt during the Engineering 101 class ASU let us audit. and finally a better suited career

age 19: mechanical engineer

  • eh. I got into and signed the papers for an Industrial Eng program at another catholic institution (I was really in it at that point, cashing in catholic points from my high school) BUT I got less scholarship and didn’t want to move to a city just for my high school gf so I went to a different catholic uni which had limited eng programs and mechanical was the closest to industrial.

age 21: innovator

  • ahhh yes I had discovered that engineering lectures and field were not my cuppa tea and clearly my genius knows no bounds so I should just be allowed to ~~~innovate~~~. This was also the era that saw an uptick of “millennials are killing X, Y, Z” and I saw opps

age 22: entrepreneur

  • finally. i had the epiphany and realized that running the whole show was more of my speed. everyone in my family has run a small and even large af business that they started, I was hot off a win of a small business plan competition, and ready to *change the world* 🙄 oh youth

age 23 & 24 & 27: small business owner

  • already cutting down my ambition a bit but as my tenuous reign as SWE president would later prove I was not in any position to lead teams so small biz it was

age 25: shop owner

  • dear god if only the explosion of no/low-code platforms had emerged when I was in high school I would’ve been all over the vintage game and probably gotten high off the #girlboss fumes floating around the era

age 28: “not mine” (SRE)

  • sometimes I get a lil sassy in the diary, this is an example of that

age 29: “currently mine SRE @ $XX”

  • let’s just say this was in the honeymoon phase and not be taken as gospel

age 30: “3d a week”

  • am solidly in favor of this - why stop at the 4d workweek? let’s shoot for 3d!

i was a faithful judge judy watcher. she has a book titled “don’t pee on my leg and tell me its raining” what a gal