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😖n Building 🪛 🪓

😖n Building 🪛 🪓

if you own a cat it is very likely you own many catsles (aka cat castles aka cat trees)

if you dont you’ll end up with kittens climbing the walls like this cutie

and if you own a catsle you very likely own a shitty mass produced one that is both expensive and crappy built to last mayyyybe 2-3 years prolly designed by someone who has never met a cat in their life

the catsle we all own

I’ve been thinking about this since I had an idea for modular flat pack cat-sles designed to grow with your cat throughout their lifespan with sustainability in mind - being able to swap out the scratching rope on the posts, being able to take off the carpet and wash it or change it up, making different levels - growing outwards or upwards

its one of those ideas that caught on with my friends who I told - and yet I kept thinking surely this already exists….

With the massive pet adoption/acquisition boom of the pandemic I know there are people with deep pockets and those who like to make sound investments in furniture that would appreciate this type of product

my annoyance flared up this weekend as we went shopping for a catsle for Normie and were sold on this “hand made locally!” cat tree that did have some solid improvements from the original one

  • LARGE landing pad up top with tall sides so Norman can prop himself up
  • Long scratching posts so Norman can stretch his long ass body out
  • Simple design - Norman actually uses all 3 zones of it (vs ignoring the stupid boxes or the scoops)

This is not to mention goddess knows what chemicals and shit has been done to process the carpet on these things.

and yet.

~$220 dollars later and the middle section of it springs like a diving board when Norman launches onto or off of it

it wiggles just like that!!

I can’t even. Seriously. Norm’s a big boi but he’s not in the realm of massive obese kitties he’s def less weight than your avg Norwegian Forest Cat.

so I guess its time for me to get my carpenter on and figure out how to make this happen  because I’ve wasted money for the LAST TIME on shite catsles

(and yes I know there are gorgeous instagrammable catsles now - the problem is those are designed for us hoomans not cats, the cats snubbed one we splurged on lolsob)


A: convenience? I’m not really sure, maybe the decline of Shop Class has left my generation without basic woodworking skillz? Its super easy to click “buy now”?

The first place to start is some kinda prototype so I’ll be heading to the Rebuilding Center and figuring out where a close Tool Library is….

stay tuned!

the new catsle

be well!