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🤠n Sustainability

or the eternal quest for "balance" 🍃
🤠n Sustainability


lately i’ve been thinking about systems, resiliency, and sustainability

my hibernated LinkedIn bio used to say something like “passionate about sustainable ops” which to me means respecting the human operator in the loop.

whether that be

  • operators of a distributed system
  • machine operators in manufacturing facilities
  • running a small independent business

imagining a world of sustainable operations is challenging for me since all my experience so far has been being shuffled from hierarchical institution to hierarchical institution (elementary → middle → high school → undergrad → corporate life)

personally I am striving for sustainable operations for my own life - how to min/max the amount of $$$ I need to exist in our present economic system while preserving time/energy/space for my own pursuits.

the more I reflect, soak up readings, and talk with other operators the more I’m drawn to collaborative and cooperative styles of organization.

The burgeoning climate crisis has haunted me since 6th grade when for a class exercise we were split up into pro/con and had to debate the topic. I was assigned CON and honestly couldn’t do it, even though it was an exercise I couldn’t just say things I didn’t believe in. (Later on in high school speech and debate I was able to swap to pro/con on the flip of a coin —- which is how we decided sides at the top of the match)

As global warming went from debate to reality I have been absolutely struck with terror about what the world will feel like when I’m mid life in 40s or at the end of my life in 80-90s….

I worry about the physical energy/water/sewage systems, the lack of home ec knowledge for my generation, and what society will turn into with a scarcity mindset.

That worry mixed with utter revulsion from the elements of society like proud boys and such that have been on their bullshit for a lot longer than just jan 6th and knowing if I want land and to farm a lil’ then I’ll need to move further from the bubble of pdx. I worried about not being able to be myself or be able to openly support communities while living more rurally.

PS really loved nicky case’s anxiety wolf browser game - https://ncase.me/anxiety/

Turns out that’s a poisonous cocktail leading to isolation, fear, distrust and the belief that you alone need to take care of your needs to survive. Living that way for a couple years with the backdrop of the pandemic was not my greatest headspace and ultimately not sustainable.

What’s the alternative?

For now I think the way forward is cooperation, strength in numbers, finding your herd aka folks and organizations that share values.

Preserving your ability to trust other people is key I think.

Because we really can’t do this alone - get through life, survive the present and upcoming climate challenges, thrive as a society