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RadSab Junk Journal Roundup

let's publish the rest!
RadSab Junk Journal Roundup
mixed feels about femininity being both the poison and the antidote
the inside cover. back when I wasn’t sure what the journal would bring to life
i was p chuffed to have come up with the Due Date snowflakes
femme fatale
holographic butterfly garden
that eye is actually supposed to be a cake decoration piece. I feel like sugar should last awhile….we’ll see
bats are actually real good for the environment
being able to envision and believe in a future was a Major Moment during RadSab
i’m not entirely opposed to simulation theory. tho it certainly feels like the person supposed to be minding my humangotchi needs is falling down on the jorb
there’s a style of poetry where you chunk up words and phrases from an existing piece and remix it. this was my first attempt
something something globalization and continued forced and unsustainable extraction of labor and resources all in the name of Stuff and Things
ouch. it hurts cuz its true.
tl;dr notes from A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD
the final page